PICK (Post-Production) | Narrative Short
A young girl wears her afro to school on picture day and must deal with the unexpected consequences.


PART I of the HAIR IS trilogy, a series of short films exploring the personal and
political intersections of black hair, identity, and freedom.

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Writer, Director, Producer: Alicia K. Harris
Producers: Rebeca Ortiz, Venessa Harris
Cinematographer: Ann Tipper
Production Designer: Tess Sorochan Ruland
Costume Designer: Lori Atik
Editor: Kathryn Lyons
Sound Designer: Amanda Ann-Min Wong
Hair & Make Up Artist: Nehnika Williams


Maybe if it were a nice room (2017) | Experimental Short
An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms.

Full film playing via  National Screen Institute

“A darkly beautiful and unsettling work.”
Courtney Small, In The Seats

“The jarring juxtaposition of the stunning and peaceful set designs with the
ugly mess of the real subject matter is incredibly haunting. Despite the subject matter,
it’s a film that warrants multiple viewings, so each scene can be studied.”
- Kirsten Murray, Ms En Scene

“Here the pairing of the images and the words hits home, hits hard.
It’s a very short film, yet it packs a punch stronger than most feature films.”
- Emilie Black, Cinema Crazed

Official Selection + Accolades
Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, BC (2018) 
Atlantic International Film Festival, Halifax, NS (2018)
Nominated: Best Experimental Film, Yorkton Film Festival, Yorkton, SK (2018)
National Screen Institute (2018)
Future of Film Showcase, Toronto, ON (2018)
Toronto True Crime Festival, Toronto, ON (2018)
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, ON (2017)
Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, ON (2017)
Extend, Toronto, ON (2017)
Heart On Presents: Earth Angel, Toronto, ON (2017)
TYS180 Showcase, Toronto ON (2017)
KIN Women's International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia (2017)


Writer, Director, Producer: Alicia K. Harris
Production Designers: Alicia K. Harris, Tess Sorochan-Ruland
Cinematographer: Meaghan Gable
Editor, Sound Designer: Kathryn Lyons


Love Stinks (2016) | Narrative Short
An 80s coming-of-age tale about three adolescent girls who acquire a Playgirl magazine,
and are trying to decide if they are ready to look at a naked man for the first time.

Full film playing on CBC Gem 

“Finding that perfect blend of drama and humour, and featuring well-rounded characters,
Harris captures the awkward period between adolescence and adulthood in an endearing way.”
- Courtney Small, Cinema Axis

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CBC Canadian Reflections (2018)

Official Selection + Accolades
Golden Sheaf Award - Best Student Production, Yorkton Film Festival (2017)
Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, QC (2016)
Industry Choice Award, Toronto Youth Shorts Film Festival, Toronto ON (2017)
South Western International Film Festival, Sarnia, ON (2017)
Durham Region International Film Festival, Ajax ON (2017)
Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto, ON (2017)
Future of Film Showcase, Toronto ON (2017)
Regent Park Film Festival, Toronto, ON (2016)
Toronto International Short Film Festival, Toronto, ON (2016)
Hamilton Film Festival, Hamilton, ON (2016)
Miami Short Film Festival, Miami, FL (2016)
Citizen Jane Film Festival, Columbia, MO (2016)
Bushwick Film Festival, Brooklyn, NY (2016)
Norman Jewison Award, HSBC Filmmaker Award: Best Director, Ryerson University (2016)
Best Film, Best Director, People's Choice Award, Ryerson University Film Festival (2016)


Writer, Director: Alicia K. Harris
Producer: Rebeca Ortiz
Cinematographer: Dan White
Production Designer: Kathleen Hauschild
Editor: Lavinia Terletchi
Sound Designer: Kathryn Lyons
Costume Designer: Victoria Schupp
Composer: Felix Arifin


Fatherhood (2014) | Documentary Short
A young father reflects on life as a parent, and the impact of his own childhood.

Full film playing on Vimeo & Bell Fibe TV1 - Video On Demand Channel

Bell Fibe TV1, VOD (2015 - Present)
TVO (2016)

Official Selection + Accolades
Semi-Finalist: TVO Short Doc Contest (2016)
Startfest, Orlando, Florida (2015)
Nominee: Best Doc; Toronto Youth Shorts, Toronto ON (2015)
Regent Park Film Festival: Under the Stars, Toronto ON (2015)
Best Short Film Jury Award; Scarborough Film Festival, Toronto ON (2015)
Royal Reel Award; Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver BC (2015)
Underground Film Festival, Munich, Germany (2015)
Fire & Water Festival, Winnipeg MB (2014)


Director, Animator: Alicia K. Harris
Producer: Frida Jenkins-Roe
Cinematographer: Tommy Marshall
Editor: Sydney Boniface
Composer: Edrik Barroso